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Accelerate Technologies Company Vision

Accelerate has always believed that every end customer deserves the best experience possible and that with the right solution, any business can provide it. In order to become the best we can as businesses, we all need the ability to thrive through frameworks that can permit our organizations to scale quickly.

At Accelerate, we want our customers to say "I have a problem" or "This could be better" and think of Accelerate as a platform of empowerment that can allow them to achieve the outcomes they need in an organized, easy-to-use process framework. Our technology enhances the end user's experience and creates robust brand loyalty, increased margins, and a competitive edge when it comes to technology and ease.

This requires a team committed to interpreting, envisioning, and creating what our customers need in order to be successful today. Artificial Intelligence (AI) each day is becoming a bigger part of our world. Our professional, experienced team is focused on how we bring all parties - humans / bots / & AI - together.

Our Accelerate Timeline

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Why Choose Accelerate?

Experience & Knowledge

When you work with Accelerate, you are instantly gaining access to one of the most robust and reputable teams in the industry. We have years of experience and can overcome any challenge that is put in front of us.

Value & Return

Working with Accelerate is like instantly being able to improve your bottom line. Our solutions represent a very profitable long-term investment for your business that could quite literally turn your business around and increase profitability exponentially and with compounding effects.

Support & Guidance

We believe in not only providing our clients with the solutions they need, but also guiding them to the results that they hope to achieve. We provide support and guidance to our clients that instills confidence that we are the partner that will be there for them regardless of what happens.

Community Linked

Accelerate’s momentum and growth is fueled by our passion for supporting a diverse and inclusive community. We strive to engage, empower and innovate together through food drives, scholarships and good old-fashioned time. Our Esther Blaska scholarship program was founded in remembrance of someone who gave beyond themselves because they saw past themselves. Esther Blaska taught piano lessons. Her greatest strength was that she knew she had 30 minutes once a week to make an impact and that in that 30 minutes she had to see her students as people. She died in the early 2000s. The foundation provides scholarships to 10-15 students per year that are looking to make a difference in their local communities and abroad. We have given 52 scholarships out to date.

Accelerate’s Crew

Michael Cantu


Zach Mathews

Technical Architect Lead

Jan Crow


Ben Orcutt

Growth & Marketing Lead

Strategic Consultants

Steve Stava

Strategic Implementation

Kathy Kent Toney

Strategic Process Consultant

Strategic Partners

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