Accelerate’s Behavioral Healthcare Solution is the All-in–One Place for Quality Care Management


Deploy bots and digitally transform your processes while reducing errors, cutting costs, and improving efficiency in your organization.


Experience seamless integrations with business systems that provide a frictionless customer and employee experience. Get the most out of your digital infrastructure.


Optimize the relationship between bots and humans by connecting systems, people, and artificial intelligence to create the ideal workflow and operate on one cohesive platform.

Accelerate’s Solution Bridges the Gap Between Managing Case Data and Effective Care Delivery

High Level View

Analyze service delivery performance and care team productivity with an end-to-end overview of case data, program management tasks and audits .

Individual Activity View

Accelerate’s case-flow management collates & centralizes document resources from intake to billing in one place. Allowing efficient care service delivery and improved health outcomes.

Compliance Activity View

Automated workflows and approval notifications across role-based queues simplify audit processes.

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