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Accelerate Platform

  • What is Accelerate?

    A combination of robotic process automation (RPA), permission-based configurable rules with artificial intelligent (AI) decisioning, machine learning (ML) and automated workflows into one tool box Accelerate automates, connects and unifies how work is completed.

  • What can I automate?

    At Accelerate, we will help you determine the next best decision on your automation journey based on where you are. Common tasks to automate are high in volume and repetitive (daily, weekly or monthly), documented rule-based or standardized processes. For example account invoice processing, account reconciliation, data entry or data transfer, customer or staff on-boarding just to name a few!

  • How long does it take to setup? Train staff?

    We will help you plan, diagram, and create the journey needed in order to ensure that your automation experience is successfully rooted on a firm foundation. Accelerate provides in app how-to and training videos for staff members to learn functionality to perform necessary tasks. Data Quality Data Enrichment System Integrity System Integration Capabilities Third Party Tool Integration Evaluations Process Mapping Process Enrichment (Firm timelines for setup can be established within 5-10 days after scheduled demo)

  • What kind of support is available after the sale?

    We are here to assist. Accelerate’s proven experts know what it takes to successfully implement and execute automation initiatives. Contact us by phone, email or right here on our website!

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