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Across consumers, tellers & financial institutions

Expand Consumer Experience

In the current consumer banking and credit union environment many locations are still running on clunky processes, where documents, data, and people are still in silos across multiple core systems – making the customer experience cumbersome. On top of that, the current customer landscape is changing. Customers want to have things at their fingertips and expect more now than ever to receive an optimal level of service and transparency throughout the process – as fast as possible.

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Expand Teller Experience

Creating transparent operations requires the ability to train and retrain bank or credit union staff in an easy way – giving tellers the optimal experience that is at their fingertips in order to service customers evolving needs while meeting the consumer where they are in the process.

Whether its through their connected mobile phone or through your branch location or over the phone, Accelerate can help you expand the experience tellers and bank staff provide consumers.
Accelerate Workspace™ eliminates toggling between the multiple systems by creating one common interface across multiple systems – used to service financial customers efficiently. Centralizing customer processes into one common work environment brings updating customer demographics, to loan originating, or servicing together into one platform experience.

Meeting a customer’s needs whether online, via mobile app, or in-person at a branch means facilitating visibility as to where customers are in the process, which promotes a better environment through which service members can better the customer experience.

Reduce chair swivels by connecting systems to power a better banking or credit union experience!

Meet customers borrowing needs with Accelerate’s turn-key lending solutions

Expand Institution Experience

Institutions have evolving needs as well. Accelerate was born to bring together the needs of the customer, the service team member, and the financial institution into one easy to use platform that will keep pace as customers evolve allowing you to change as they change.
“But wait, our
company has an issue
with having many
different systems….”
“But wait, our
company has an issue
with having many
different systems….”
Great! Accelerate was designed to handle this – making multiple system integrations easier, so that tellers and service teams can efficiently handle customer and borrower requests, instead of trying to learn and teach the functionality of multiple different systems and action sets around each of them.
Accelerate can easily integrate into most financial legacy systems. The configuration process is simple and easy to change using its no-code drag and drop designer and Accelerate API Connect™. This feature allows banking and credit union teams to connect multiple systems’ data – in order to retrieve and complete daily tasks from one screen. Have common systems that you utilize?
Here are a few different systems we can connect with:

Customer Centered Experience

How do we get started with creating more customer centered processes that focus around bring our customers back?
Accelerate has partnered with different teams that bring different expertise to our customers and our platform. Getting started is easy and yields quick return. Utilize either your existing teams or our teams can join your teams. With Accelerate you can rest assured that we can help map, design, and create the optimal expanded customer journey experience your customers already want, and the experience your employees will love.
With complete transparency and system integrations driving the customer first experience, all parties will be connected and supported in a way that allows your organization to focus on growth – while the system grows with you.

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