Accelerate Lending Solution

Accelerate The Lending Process


Deploy bots to digitally transform and optimize your process while reducing errors, cutting costs, and creating an easier digital experience for your staff.


Our robust platform provides the capability to integrate with existing business infrastructure to provide frictionless employee and customer experiences.


Accelerate is ready to combine your new automated solution with humans, bots, and other areas of your system to create an all-in-one place for business to happen.

Combining Efficiency With Transparency & Compliance

High Level View

Get a birds’ eye view of your organization including analytics, performance, and productivity with a comprehensive overview of transactions, tasks, and financials.

Individual Activity View

Artificial intelligence and bots work in conjunction to analyze and identify data surrounding your organization and gain insight into workflow, efficiency, and potential areas for streamlining.

Compliance Activity View

Get a detailed view of each transaction, supporting documentation, and audit trails to maintain security standards and manage risk.

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