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Behavioral health disorders affect nearly one in five Americans and have community-wide impacts. Despite the prevalence of these disorders, behavioral health care needs often go unmet, unfunded, and neglected by those that have the power to optimize and improve processes. This case study chronicles how one behavioral health system is identifying and addressing behavioral health care needs in their community with Accelerate and our robust suite of digital and automated business services.


Email threads coupled with spreadsheets were the primary routes for all care session documents, insurance & financial forms along with frequent audit documents. This led to bloated and inefficient processes that were highly prone to user error.


We aimed to centralize & coordinate document communication, mitigate risk through consistent processes, and improve accountability and organization across the entire organization.

Process Details

Mental health services are required to perform audits for both state and federal government regulations and compliance. Routinely needing to analyze, compile and submit necessary care documents from email threads and spreadsheets across multiple teams members is inefficient and unsafe. Committed to compliance and increased efficiency that would allow them to provide more value and better service to their patients, Behavioral Healthcare found the Accelerate platform to be the perfect fit. Our process details displays our equal commitment to this cause and our passion for helping our clients and their patients.

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Step1: Mapping

Accelerate’s integration team partnered with key members of Behavioral Healthcare’s care team in plotting clear pathways and touch points to create a realistic roadmap of development and integration.

Step2: Design

Start creating the infrastructure needed to digitize forms, eliminate friction, and assign bots to match Behavioral Healthcare’s process. Through this, we are able to reveal the future of how their care team accomplishes work.

Step3: Configuration

Using Behavioral Healthcare’s completely digital, intelligent and frictionless process map, Accelerate’s integrations team configured Behavioral Healthcare’s custom made solution into a true asset with monetary benefit to their organization.

Step4: Rollout

Accelerate’s team set Behavioral Healthcare up for success with key process training videos, a complete guided tour of it’s configuration and the resources they needed to get the most out of their custom integration solution.


By using Accelerate, Behavioral Healthcare has coordinated all audits into a centralized document location organization-wide. Increasing productivity by 200%, Accelerate’s role-based work queues and case flow management keep care session documents, insurance and finance forms organized and easy to access. By improving care team members’ response times to business and service items, Behavioral Healthcare saved $250,000 in first year development costs and cut $45,000 annually in office supplies, making a noticeable impact on the bottom line. Behavioral Healthcare gained organization value by focusing their care teams’ resources on mental services to have an impact on the community that money can’t buy.

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