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Healthcare & Medicine

Medical Billing

Healthcare practices and physicians have a vast and comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology. This is required to provide quality treatment for patients. Insurance carriers lack the knowledge and understanding in the anatomy and physiology of humans, which is why patient data and clinical terminology provided by physicians must be translated into standardized “codes”. This takes place during the billing process to make it easier for all parties involved to understand the treatment and services being rendered.


Labor intensive sorting and collating patient charts and physician encounter documents from a multitude of formats (paper, fax, EMR etc.) takes time that healthcare organizations just don’t have. Data entry is, in many cases, fully manual or severely restricted by antiquated and outdated technology.


Accelerate can digitize physician and patient documents, collate & coordinate document communication across departments, reduce repetitive data entry, increase transparency across coding & billing tasks and increase access to necessary documentation in a more streamlined way.

Process Details

Every part of patient interactions and relevant documentation is recorded in the system of a healthcare provider. This ensures providers are paid for the services they perform and proper medical records are kept in the best interest of the patient. This information is distributed throughout the healthcare field and infrastructure for easy access and secure storage. Billing staff sends these claims and documents to insurance companies or patients for reimbursement. As the volume of work surrounding this part of the workflow continues to increase, hiring additional staff to meet the increase has proven ineffective due to unnecessary bloating and the limitations of human capability. At this breaking point, Accelerate’s customizable solutions and rapid deployment proved to be the difference between success and failure.

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Step1: Mapping

Accelerate’s integrations crew partnered with key members from Medical Billing’s team to plot clear pathways, touchpoints and rule requirements for data entry. Members from both organizations worked together to conceptualize the ideal solution.

Step2: Design

Digitize forms, eliminate friction, and assign bots to match Medical Billing’s process to ensure that the automated solution matched the ideal outcome for Medical Billing.

Step3: Configuration

Utilizing Medical Billing’s 100% digital, intelligent and frictionless process map, the Accelerate integrations team configured Medical Billing’s customized solution.

Step4: Rollout

Accelerate’s team knows what it takes to be a successful organization. We supplied Medical Billing with key process training videos, a complete guided tour of it’s custom configuration, then handed them the ready-made solution to help them take control of their future in the industry.


With Accelerate’s platform and custom integration, Medical Billing has seen a 70% decrease in manual data entry, 200% decrease in coding production times (meaning one coder is producing an equal amount of claims per day compared to two coders working before). Accelerate’s case flow management automatically keeps interaction documents collated as each step of the process is performed. This led to a trend of decreasing errors in claims and increasing reimbursements to providers. Live status reports are easier than ever to access for key leadership positions. By digitizing and automating Medical Billing’s current process, we have helped to position them to be competitive in their industry for the foreseeable future.

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