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Automate, Centralize & Cut Claims Resolution Times By 50%

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Transportation Brokerage

Often referred to as the life-blood of the U.S. economy, more than two-thirds of all freight tonnage in the U.S. moves on trucks. With more than 10.5 billion tons of goods moving by truck annually, occasionally a few tons of those goods arrive damaged or to the wrong location, resulting in a damage claim. In this case study you’ll find out how Accelerate helped one Transportation Brokerage turn their claims process from a liability into a strength.


Manually filing paper claims & email threads were the primary routes for all claims documents, which bogged down the entire operation and contributed to lower efficiency and productivity. Multiple parties are included in resolution of claim with little to no visibility of steps or progress, leading to high resolution times ranging from weeks to months.


Centralize & coordinate claims documents routes & communication between the necessary parties. Track in-progress claim status for interested parties and reduce resolution time through a comprehensive process restructuring initiative.

Process Details

Transportation Brokerage needed to increase its quality and maintain its good standing with customers, so it turned to Accelerate. When coordinating freight between the shipper and carrier, it is essential that shipments are picked up, transported, and that they arrive on time. At times, shipments would experience delays or even be damaged upon arrival. This is generally considered to be unavoidable and a cost of doing business. Without a streamlined way to track all damages and claims, the broker was consistently having to remember where particular claims were in the claims process thereby potentially negatively impacting its relationships with its shipping customers by providing inaccurate or delayed information. The Accelerate platform was the toolbox that Transportation Brokerage needed to fix and improve its claims process.

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Step1: Mapping

Accelerate’s integration team partnered with key members of Transportation Brokerage’s team to construct a roadmap that would dictate project scope, progress, and expected timelines.

Step2: Design

Digitize forms, eliminate friction, and assign bots to tasks and labor that would otherwise bog down both teams. Utilize Accelerate technology to achieve more, faster.

Step3: Configuration

Utilizing Transportation Brokerage’s 100% digital claims process, Accelerate’s integrations team configured Transportation Brokerage’s custom solution.

Step4: Rollout

The Accelerate team walked Transportation Brokerage’s team through their configuration and supporting training videos. The solution was then deployed and handed over to Transportation Brokerage to allow them to use the customized solution to its full potential.


By utilizing Accelerate, Transportation Brokerage underwent a complete digital transformation of it’s claims process, providing employees and customers real-time reporting for in-progress claims. Centralizing all claim forms and data on Accelerate and giving visibility via automated next steps for end customers and cut resolution times by 50%. This has resulted in an annual savings of 40% compared to their previous claims process.

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